The Claw Clip that Works in All Hair

Growing up with thick hair, we've broken our fair share of clips and hair ties (too many to count). After trying just about every claw clip under the sun, we knew we wanted to make a large claw clip that would work in every type of hair- including super curly, long, and thick hair. 
Enter the Rachel Claw Clip, purposed for every type of hair you can think of. After trying and testing this hair claw for ourselves, we wanted to share it with all of you. 
To our surprise, you all loved the Rachel Claw Clip just as much as we do. Our clip comes in light, medium, and dark tortoise. Psst..want to know a secret? There are many more styles to come! Sign up for our mailing list for more. Until then, check out all the trendy hairstyles you can try with this jumbo clip.
The Claw Clip Bun
as seen on @val.trovato
The French Twist
as seen on @katiemcdonaldphoto
The Hair Half Up
as seen on @milly.dy
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